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  • ARCD 025Gülsin Onay, José Serebrier, Bilkent Symphony OrchestraErkin & Khachaturian – Piano Concertos-48:512021

    Turkish master pianist Gülsin Onay, who has already recorded the two piano concertos by her mentor Saygun for cpo, presents a most revealing confrontation of two masterworks from Turkey and Armenia: the compact 4-movement Piano Concerto from 1942 by Ulvi Cemal Erkin (1906-72) in a decisively Turkish style, and Aram Khachaturian’s famous 1936 Piano Concerto with its enchanting Armenian flavour. The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra is led by José Serebrier, one of the few great old conductors of our time and an unsurpassed master of orchestral balance and natural shaping of melodic cantability.

      Number: ARCD 025
      Artist(s): Gülsin Onay, José Serebrier, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
      Album Name: Erkin & Khachaturian – Piano Concertos
      Composer(s): -
      Total Time: 48:51
      Release Year: 2021

      Piano: Gülsin Onay
      Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: José Serebrier
      Recorded at: Bilkent Concert Hall, Bilkent University, Ankara, 10-14 January 2011
      Engineer, recording producer: Günter Appenheimer
      Final editing, mixing & mastering: Eckhard Steiger
      Executive producer: Christoph Schlüren
      CD released by kind permission of Bilkent University Music Faculty, 2021
      Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Oliver Schwamkrug, Mario Naegele)

      • Ulvi Cemal Erkin (1906–72)
        Piano Concerto (1942)

        (first commercial recording)

        • 9:45 Allegro
        • 5:46 Andante
        • 2:25 Scherzo
        • 4:47 Andante – Allegro
      • Aram Khachaturian (1903–78)
        Piano Concerto in D-flat (1936)

        • 14:43 Allegro ma non troppo e maestoso – Allegro vivace – Tempo primo
        • 9:45 Andante con anima
        • 9:45 Allegro brillante
    • ARCD 024Beth LevinPhantasmataFranz Liszt72082024

      Recorded May 25th & 26th, 2022 at The Kennedy Theater at Barton College : Liberal Arts College in Wilson, North Carolina

      Recorded and mixed by Phil Valera, Cary, North Carolina

      Produced by Mark Peterson, music director, emeritus, Barton College

      Edited by Peter Karl, Brooklyn, New York

      Liner Notes: Max Derrickson

      Executive Producer: Christoph Schlüren

      Artwork: Produktion Pitz

      Cover Painting: Habima Fuchs

      Aldilà Records

      ARCD 024

      Copyright 2024 Aldilà Rec.

      (Gramola 98024)

        Number: ARCD 024
        Artist(s): Beth Levin
        Album Name: Phantasmata
        Composer(s): Franz Liszt
        Total Time: 7208
        Release Year: 2024

        On 'Phantasmata', her third album for Aldilà Records, legendary pianist Beth Levin from Brooklyn juxtaposes two major works of the Romantic repertoire: Franz Liszt's Sonata in B minor, whose visionary design was to become a signpost for the cyclical form as well as for 20th century symphonic music compressed into a single movement; and Mussorgsky's fairy-tale cycle 'Pictures at an Exhibition', perhaps more than any other piano work a wide-ranging essence of Russian music and at the same time a sanctuary of French Impressionists. Both works are highly virtuosic, but above all challenging as large-scale musical forms and, in the same breath, resonating self-portraits of their composers. In Beth Levin's playing, which unites in a singular way titanic profundity with the most fragile lyricism, clear structure with freedom of expression, three central pianistic schools (Gieseking, Serkin and Schnabel) flow together and are transcended into timeless presence, whereby even well-known masterpieces appear in a completely new light and enable us to experience the adventure of the unknown.

        • Franz Liszt (1811-86)

          • 3554 Sonate in h-Moll (1853)
        • Modest Mussorgsky (1839-81)

          Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)

          • 144 I Promenade
          • 211 II Bydlo
          • 106 III Promenade
          • 507 IV Il vecchio castello
          • 033 V Promenade
          • 117 VI Tuileries (Dispute d’enfants après jeux)
          • 257 VII Bydlo (Heavy ox-cart)
          • 044 VIII Promenade
          • 106 IX Ballet of the Unhached Chicks in their Eggs
          • 253 X Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle
          • 143 XI Promenade
          • 151 XII Limoges. Le Marché
          • 140 XIII Catacombae (Sepulchrum Romanum)
          • 143 XIV Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
          • 350 XV Baba Yaga. The Hut on Fowl’s Legs
          • 549 XVI The Great Gate of Kiev
      • ARCD 022Andrea VivanetRussian Album - Andrea Vivanet-76:162021

        After his fabulous Szymanowski album for Naxos, Italian pianist Andrea Vivanet recorded this album of Russian pieces between tradition and classical modernity in Tiflis. The album opens with Sergey Taneyev’s breakneck Prelude and Fugue (his late and only piano work from 1910). It is followed by four miniature cycles by the great Rimsky-Korsakov pupil Nikolai Tcherepnin in première recordings: 6 Préludes Op. 17 and 5 Morceaux Op. 18 (1900-01), and the folksong-based ‚Primitifs‘ from 1926 that are more modern in their whole attitude. The album’s second half consists of Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes Op. 34 from 1933. Played with irresistible verve and charme, this is an indispensible gem for all the lovers of romantic and early-20th-century piano music.

          Number: ARCD 022
          Artist(s): Andrea Vivanet
          Album Name: Russian Album - Andrea Vivanet
          Composer(s): -
          Total Time: 76:16
          Release Year: 2021

          Studio Live Recording, Grand Hall of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia), 25 March 2021

          Sound Engineer: Paul Kvatchadze
          Final Mastering: Andreas Ziegler (AFZ Musikproduktion)
          Booklet Notes: Martin Blaumeiser
          Executive Producer: Christoph Schlüren
          Photo Andrea Vivanet: Lika Baindurshvili
          Sponsored by THE TCHEREPNIN SOCIETY

          Aldilà Records ARCD 022 (Gramola 98022)

          • Sergey Taneyev (1856-1915)
            Prelude and Fugue in G-sharp minor Op. 29 (1910)

            • 3:14 Prelude. Andante
            • 4:01 Fugue. Allegro vivace e con fuoco
          • Nikolai Tcherepnin (1873-1945)
            Six Préludes Op. 17 (1900)
            (world première recording)

            • 1:38 Moderato pensieroso
            • 2:25 Andante con moto. Capriccioso
            • 2:02 Molto sostenuto (Quasi andante)
            • 1:51 Moderato con moto
            • 2:36 Andantino
            • 1:21 Allegro non troppo. Agitato
          • Nikolai Tcherepnin
            Cinq Morceaux O. 18 (1901)
            (world première recording)

            • 3:10 Mélodie. Moderato assai
            • 3:04 Improvisation. Andantino tranquillo
            • 2:25 Prélude. Molto adagio
            • 1:50 Humorèsque. Allegretto ma tranquillo
            • 4:03 Modo religioso. Andante sostenuto
          • Nikolai Tcherepnin
            Primitifs. 12 Adaptions d’anciennes mélodies russes (1810/1926)*

            • 0:36 Moderato con moto
            • 1:43 Andantino piacevole… pensieroso
            • 0:38 Allegretto marcato
            • 0:43 Andantino rubato quasi Allegretto piacevole
            • 0:51 Moderato scherzando
            • 0:56 Andantino
            • 0:44 Allegro risoluto, leggiero
            • 1:12 Molto moderato, quasi andantino
            • 1:15 Allegro risoluto
            • 1:49 Andantino
            • 1:27 Andante
            • 0:38 Presto
          • Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-75)
            24 Preludes Op. 34 (1933)

            • 1:42 Moderato
            • 0:47 Allegretto
            • 1:28 Andante
            • 2:17 Moderato
            • 0:29 Allegro vivace
            • 1:16 Allegretto
            • 1:02 Andante
            • 0:56 Allegretto
            • 0:42 Presto
            • 1:42 Moderato non troppo
            • 0:44 Allegretto
            • 1:06 Allegro no troppo
            • 0:58 Moderato
            • 2:05 Adagio
            • 0:53 Allegretto
            • 1:04 Andantino
            • 1:27 Largo
            • 0:47 Allegretto
            • 1:43 Andantino
            • 0:42 Allegretto furioso
            • 0:48 Allegretto poco moderato
            • 2:16 Adagio
            • 1:12 Moderato
            • 1:15 Allegretto
        • ARCD 021Gunter Herbig"Wherever I Go..." – Gunter Herbig plays Arvo Pärt on E Guitar-46:342021

          With his transcriptions of music by Arvo Pärt, Gunter Herbig offers the direct continuation of his spiritual journey on the electric guitar that began with his enthusiastically acclaimed Gurdjieff transcriptions. The music of Arvo Pärt is reduced to the aerial purity of the subtly amplified instrument that gives it a weightlessly floating quality with seemingly endless space in seemingly eternal time dimensions. This unorthodox spiritual journey finally leads into the magical region of Arvo Pärt’s most transcribed work ’Fratres’, an inward-oriented hymn on the common origin, destiny, and future of mankind.

            Number: ARCD 021
            Artist(s): Gunter Herbig
            Album Name: "Wherever I Go..." – Gunter Herbig plays Arvo Pärt on E Guitar
            Composer(s): -
            Total Time: 46:34
            Release Year: 2021

            Transcribed for the guitar by Gunter Herbig
            Guitar: Gretsch White Falcon
            Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III
            Produced/sound/editing by Dick Le Fort
            Recorded in April 2020 at the Music Production Company in Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand

            • Arvo Pärt (b. 1935)

              • 8:59 My Heart's in the Highlands
              • 4:27 Für Alina
              • 3:49 Most Holy Mother of God
              • 7:15 Magnificat
              • 5:03 Da pacem Domine
              • 4:04 Psalom
              • 7:02 Pari Intervallo (prepared guitar)
              • 3:58 Solfeggio
              • 4:29 Für Alina (prepared guitar)
              • 11:23 Fratres
          • ARCD 020Raquele Magalhães – Flute & Alto Flute, Joel Bardolet – Solo Violin & Concertmaster, Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae, Christoph SchlürenRESURRECTIONJohann Sebastian Bach, Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giorgio Federico Ghedini, Douglas Lilburn, Paul Büttner 76552023

            'Resurrection' is a concept album of works transcribed for string orchestra, originally composed for string quartet, organ, string duo, etc. It is a composed program, tuned in key sequence and contrasts to create an organic whole. Phenomenal Brazilian flutist Raquele Magalhães and legendary Catalan violinist Joel Bardolet play with the up-and-coming Orquestra Simfónica Camera Musicae from Tarragona under Christoph Schlüren. The magnum opus is the only string quartet by the Dresden symphonist Paul Büttner (1870-1943) that is presented here in its world premiere recording - a highly dramatic, contrapuntally effective composition in cyclical form, which can unfold its symphonic qualities in the string orchestra setting. Mozart's late Fantasy for an Organ Roll is transcribed for string orchestra, as are Johann Sebastian Bach's Little Organ Fugue and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling's solemn canonic work ’As Jesus Stood by the Cross’. Bach's Piano Concerto in F minor is performed in its reconstructed original version as Violin Concerto in G minor. Raquele Magalhães plays New Zealander Douglas Lilburn's melodically enchanting Shakespeare Canzona and a tribute to solitude by Ghedini. The program also celebrates the civil courage of the masters of inner emigration Paul Büttner and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling. 'Resurrection' is a musical journey from the Baroque and Classical era through the 20th century to the new era.

            This album is dedicated to the heroes of inner emigration, such as the composers Paul Büttner and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, but also to all those inspired beings of our time that are not willing to go lost in collective paranoia and blind believe in propaganda regardless of where it comes from. May the music contribute to the vertical orientation of your inner backbone!

            Number: ARCD 020
            Artist(s): Raquele Magalhães – Flute & Alto Flute, Joel Bardolet – Solo Violin & Concertmaster, Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae, Christoph Schlüren
            Album Name: RESURRECTION
            Composer(s): Johann Sebastian Bach, Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giorgio Federico Ghedini, Douglas Lilburn, Paul Büttner
            Total Time: 7655
            Release Year: 2023

            Raquele Magalhães, Flute & Alto Flute

            Joel Bardolet, Solo Violin & Concertmaster

            Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae

            Christoph Schlüren

            Rec. Vila-seca (Tarragona), Auditori Josep Carreras, July 23-25, 2021

            Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae

            First Violins:

            Joel Bardolet Vilaró

            Christian Torres González

            Bernat Piqué Marré

            Paula Aguiló Sagristà

            Carles Puig Ruscalleda

            Anna Roca Codinachs

            Second Violins:

            José Néstor Tomás Loba

            Ariadna Gabarell Gratal

            David Gómez Moreno

            Ariana Soledad Oroño Guillen

            Albert Barbeta Martí


            Núria Garcia Pastor

            Gemma Pujol Coderch

            Cristina Izcue Castellvi

            Lidia Pascual Monedero


            Nicolás Jesús Cobo Ramon

            David Blay López

            Adrià Cano Rocabayera

            Double Basses:

            Enric Boixadós Gómez

            Eduard Arribas Montagut

            My heartfelt thanks go first, of course, to my long-time friend and patron Christian Schwarz-Schilling, who always trusted me artistically, financed the whole project, and has the idealism in a remarkable way to promote the polyphonic music he loves so much beyond the work of his father. I would also like to thank: Christina Neu, Lucian Beschiu, Maximilian Rossner, Raquele Magalhães and Joel Bardolet, Jordi Mora and Tòmas Grau, Gerd Michael Herbig, Daniel Gazon, Georg Albrecht Eckle, Frank Harders-Wuthenow, Peter Kislinger, as well as Peter Voigt from Dresden, Paul Büttner's grandson, who trustfully gave me unprinted scores of his grandfather.

            Christoph Schlüren, November 2022


            Aldilà Records

            ARCD 020

            ©2023 Aldilà Rec.

            (Gramola CD 98020)


            Christoph Schlüren

            Sound Engineer & Recording Producer:

            Enric Giné (


            Maximilian Rossner (



            • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)/transcr. by Lucian Beschiu (b. 1986)

              • 307 Little Fugue in G minor BWV 578 (ca. 1707/2010)
            • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85)/ transcr. by Lucian Beschiu

              »Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund« (As Jesus Stood by the Cross)

              for flute, violin & strings (1942/2020)

              • 745 Adagio – Poco più mosso – Adagio
            • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

              Violin Concerto in G minor (after the Piano Concerto in F minor) BWV 1056 (ca. 1738)

              • 336 I
              • 258 II Largo
              • 329 III Presto
            • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)

              Fantasy in F minor K 608 for mechanical organ (1791)

              adapted for string orchestra by Edwin Fischer (1886-1960)

              • 1318 Allegro – Andante – Allegro
            • Giorgio Federico Ghedini (1892-1965)

              • 418 ’Canto, o della solitudine’ degli ’Tre Pezzi per Flauto Solo’ (1962)
            • Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001)/transcr. by Lucian Beschiu

              • 337 Canzona No. 1 (1943/1980) for alto flute & strings (2021)
            • Paul Büttner (1870-1943)

              String Quartet in G minor (1916)

              adapted for string orchestra by Christoph Schlüren (2017)

              • 1040 I Allegro
              • 543 II Interludium I. Andante
              • 602 III Scherzo. Allegretto
              • 444 IV Interludium II. Adagio
              • 738 V Finale. Vivace con veemenza – Canone doppio. Lento – Coda
          • ARCD 018Gunter HerbigTristorosa - Gunter Herbig plays Villa-Lobos on E Guitar-55:412020

            Gunter Herbig, Brazilian-German guitarist living in New Zealand, is well-known for his benchmark-setting performances of New Zealand guitar music by Lilburn and Farquhar for the Naxos label. His Gurdjieff transcriptions for electric guitar ’ex oriente’ on BIS Records achieved legendary status and are considered by specialists and music-lovers all over the world as superior to any of the many recordings for piano. He extended his electric guitar discovery journey with a most exemplary cross-sectional expedition of Heitor Villa-Lobos’ guitar music that leads to its final culmination in the famous Aria from ’Bachianas brasileiras’ No. 5 sung one octave lower than the original by the great samba singeress Alda Rezende. This album, and particularly the final ’Aria’, is destined to achieve cult status.

              Number: ARCD 018
              Artist(s): Gunter Herbig
              Album Name: Tristorosa - Gunter Herbig plays Villa-Lobos on E Guitar
              Composer(s): -
              Total Time: 55:41
              Release Year: 2020

              Recorded January/February 2019
              at The Music Production Company in Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand
              96 kHz/24 bit
              Producer and sound engineer: Dick Le Fort
              Microphones: AKG C4000B
              Guitar: Gretsch 'White Falcon' G7593 tuned at 432Hz
              Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
              Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Oliver Schwamkrug, Stella Klump)

                • 6:16 Tristorosa (arr. G. Herbig)
              • Cinq Preludes

                • 4:31 Prelude No. 1
                • 3:01 Prelude No. 2
                • 6:16 Prelude No. 3
                • 3:20 Prelude No. 4
                • 4:22 Prelude No. 5
              • Suite Popular Brasileira

                • 2:57 Mazurka Choro
                • 4:05 Schottische Choro
                • 4:43 Valsa Choro
                • 5:33 Gavotta Choro
                • 5:20 Choros No. 1
              • (with Alda Rezende, vocal)

                • 5:17 Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5Aria*
            • ARCD 017Symphonia Momentum, Christoph SchlürenQUINTESSENCEFelix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, Anton Bruckner79572024

              The string orchestra album 'Quintessence' combines three works in a quintet formation with two violin and two viola parts to form an organic whole, in which Schwarz-Schilling provides the - harmonically modulating - bridge from Mendelssohn to Bruckner.

              The title refers to the essence of five-part polyphony. Mendelssohn was the only composer to write important string orchestra works in this quintet setting with its particularly rich range of middle voices. The Introduction and Fugue in C minor (also known as his 13th String Symphony or 'Symphonic Movement') by the 14-year-old forms the final climax of his youth œuvre and unfolds the real five-part counterpoint with unprecedented density and drama.

              Schwarz-Schilling's 'Pleading' is a string transcription from his late a cappella motet 'Über die Schwelle' (Over the Treshold), music of introverted, flowing lyricism that mysteriously and gracefully connects the worlds of Mendelssohn and Bruckner.

              In the version for string orchestra without any soloistic interplay, Anton Bruckner's string quintet unfolds its symphonic potential, which has been unimagined in this dimension. The continuous impression of grand, expansive architecture is reinforced by the sacred-like acoustics of the recording venue, the contrasts and dark, glowing colors almost seem like a real large orchestra, adding another link to the chain of Bruckner's symphonies. It is astonishing how organically cohesive even the often criticized finale integrates into the context. We are proud to quote Rémy Ballot, a leading Bruckner conductor of our time, about these performances:

              "I have never heard the Mendelssohn fugue played in such a fantastic manner. The score of the Bruckner String Quintet is decoded throughout in all its contrapuntal ramifications and realized as a living overall form where every moment is imbued with consciousness."

              Symphonia Momentum, founded in 2010 by Christoph Schlüren, is an orchestra of highest individual level dedicated to the discovery of unknown masterpieces of timeless substance whose quality is brought to full fruition in reciprocal illumination with well-known masterworks. Each recording is preceded by an intensive rehearsal process and the performance of the entire program in concert. The programs are always conceived as an organic whole.

                Number: ARCD 017
                Artist(s): Symphonia Momentum, Christoph Schlüren
                Album Name: QUINTESSENCE
                Composer(s): Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, Anton Bruckner
                Total Time: 7957
                Release Year: 2024

                Rec. Lehrberg near Ansbach, Kornspeicher der Dorfmühle, August 28-30, 2021

                Sound Engineer & Recording Producer: Andreas Ziegler

                Producer: Christoph Schlüren

                Symphonia Momentum

                First Violins:

                Joel Bardolet Vilaró, Arevik Ivanyan, Cesare Zanfini Ferraresi, Luis Alfredo Montes Meneses, Gyurim Kwak

                Second Violins:

                Gabriel Coll Trulls, Jasper Sommer, Viona Schwaiger, Bernhard Rauch

                First Violas:

                Masha Kropotkina, Verena Curuti, Emiko Yuasa

                Second Violas:

                Miguel Ercolino, Anna Barsegjana, Annette Fritz


                Shenghan Gao, Yerin Lee, Rebecca Deridder

                Double Bass:

                Raquel de la Cruz Hebrero

                Our warmest thanks go to:

                Christian Schwarz-Schilling, who most generously made the whole project possible

                This album is dedicated to Christina Neu.


                Aldilà Records

                ARCD 017

                ©2023 Aldilà Rec.

                (Gramola CD 98017)


                Christoph Schlüren

                Sound Engineer & Recording Producer:

                Andreas Ziegler (


                Maximilian Rossner (


                • Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-47)

                  • 811 Introduktion & Fuge c-moll [String Symphony No. 13 / Symphonic Movement] (1823) Grave – Allegro molto
                • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85)/transcr. by Lucian Beschiu (b. 1986)

                  • 406 »Bitten« aus »Über die Schwelle« [’Pleading’ from ’Over the Treshold’] (1978/2021) Sehr ruhig und verhalten [Very calm and inhibited]
                • Anton Bruckner (1824-96)

                  Streichquintett F-Dur [String Quintet in F major] (1878-79)

                  adapted for string orchestra by Christoph Schlüren (2021)

                  • 1744 I Gemäßigt [Tempo moderato]
                  • 1022 II Scherzo
                  • 2229 III Adagio
                  • 1156 IV Finale
              • ARCD 016Rolf Schulte, Jeffrey Swann, David Levine, Heinz DeinzerThe Violin in Stravinsky’s Life - Rolf Schulte-94:142021

                Rolf Schulte, German violin virtuoso living in New York, is a household name in contemporary music circles. His recordings oft he violin concertos by Schoenberg and Stravinsky are held in high esteem among connaisseurs but he is a master violinist in classical and romantic repertoire as well. ’The Violin in Stravinsky’s Life’ offers Schulte’s complete Stravinsky recordings for West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne (1976–79). Apart from Stravinsky’s original trio version of his ’Histoire du soldat’ with clarinetist Hans Deinzer this album presents an exemplary of Stravinsky’s music for violin and piano, in original versions as well as in well-known contemporary arrangements: Suite italienne, Divertimento, Duo concertant, and pieces from ’Firebird’ and ’Nightingale’, with pianists Jeffrey Swann and David Levine.

                  Number: ARCD 016
                  Artist(s): Rolf Schulte, Jeffrey Swann, David Levine, Heinz Deinzer
                  Album Name: The Violin in Stravinsky’s Life - Rolf Schulte
                  Composer(s): -
                  Total Time: 94:14
                  Release Year: 2021

                  All recordings made at WDR Funkhaus Köln, Saal 2
                  4 November 1976:
                  Executive producer: Anne-Margret Neumann; recording producer: Leopold von Knobelsdorff; sound engineer: Dieter Frobeen
                  29 October 1979:
                  Executive producer: Schubert; recording engineer: Andreas Priemer
                  31 October 1979:E
                  Executive producer: Schubert; recording producer: Fleck; sound engineer: Andreas Beutner
                  5 November 1979:
                  Executive producer: Schubert; recording producer: Becker; sound engineer: Dieter Frobeen

                  Piano: Jeffrey Swann
                  Piano: David Levine
                  Clarinet: Hans Deinzer
                  Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Oliver Schwamkrug)

                  • CD 1

                    Suite italienne

                    • 2:19 Introduzione
                    • 2:45 Serenata
                  • Duo concertant (1931–32)

                    (Rolf Schulte & Jeffrey Swann, 29 October 1979)
                    Suite italienne (transcr. from Pulcinella Suite by I.S. & Samuel Dushkin)(1919–22/1933)

                    • 3:00 Cantilène
                    • 2:11 EglogueI
                    • 3:33 Eglogue II
                    • 4:20 Gigue
                    • 3:24 Dithyrambe
                  • (Rolf Schulte & David Levine, 4 November 1976)
                    3 Pieces from the ballet ’The Firebird’ (arr. I.S. & Samuel Dushkin)(1909–10/1933)

                    • 2:19 Introduzione. Allegro moderato
                    • 2:45 Serenata. Larghetto
                    • 2:11 Tarantella. Vivace
                    • 3:42 Gavotta con due variazioni.
                    • 1:26 Scherzino. Presto alla breve
                    • 4:30 Minuetto e Finale. Moderato – Molto vivace
                  • (Rolf Schulte & Jeffrey Swann, 31 October 1979)
                    Trio Suite from ’L’Histoire du soldat’(1918/19)

                    • 2:59 Scherzo
                    • 6:50 Prélude & Ronde des Princesses. Khorovode
                    • 3:20 Berceuse
                  • (Hans Deinzer, Clarinet, Rolf Schulte & Jeffrey Swann, 5 November 1979)

                    • 1:36 Marche du Soldat
                    • 2:36 Le Violon du Soldat (Scène du Soldat au ruisseau
                    • 2:51 Petit Concert
                    • 6:21 Tango – Valse – Ragtime
                    • 1:21 Dance du Diable
                  • CD 2

                    Divertimento after the allegorical ballet ’Le Baiser de la fée’ (The Fairy’s Kiss)

                    • 5:15 Sinfonia. Andante – Allegro sostenuto –Andante - Vivace
                    • 6:10 Danses suisses. Tempo giusto
                    • 3:04 Scherzo. Allegretto grazioso – Doppio movimento – Tempo I
                    • 6:21 Pas de deux. Adagio – Variation. Allegretto grazioso – Coda. Presto
                  • (Rolf Schulte & Jeffrey Swann, 31 October 1979)
                    2 Pieces from the opera ’Le Rossignol‘ (arr. I.S. & Samuel Dushkin (1909-14/1932)

                    • 7:40 Airs du Rossignol
                    • 3:30 Marche Chinois
                • ARCD 015Pi-hsien ChenVingt Régards sur l'Enfant-Jésus - Olivier Messiaen played by Pi-hsien Chen-87:452021

                  Pi-hsien Chen, iconic performer of contemporary piano music by Boulez, Barraqué, Stockhausen and Cage as well as of Scarlatti, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, is documented live in concert in a 2005 recital with Olivier Messiaen’s large-scale masterwork ’Ving regards sur l’enfant-Jésus’, released for the first time on a double-cd in collaboration with WDR Cologne (West German Radio). A living icon of modernity performs an immortal icon of modernity.

                    Number: ARCD 015
                    Artist(s): Pi-hsien Chen
                    Album Name: Vingt Régards sur l'Enfant-Jésus - Olivier Messiaen played by Pi-hsien Chen
                    Composer(s): -
                    Total Time: 87:45
                    Release Year: 2021

                    Recorded live in concert, St. Cäcilien, Köln, 4. Juli 2005
                    Executive Producer: Werner Wittersheim
                    Recording Producer: Sebastian Stein
                    Recording Engineer: Ingret Koch
                    Mastering. Karin Karbach
                    Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Oliver Schwamkrug)

                    • CD 1

                      Olivier Messiaen (1908–92)
                      Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus (1944)

                      • 7:20 Regard du Père: Extrêmement lent. Mystérieux, avec amour
                      • 3:08 Regard de l’étoile: Modéré
                      • 3:17 L’échange: Bien modéré
                      • 5:45 Regard de la Vierge: Bien modéré
                      • 6:38 Regard du Fils sur le Fils: Très lent
                      • 11:21 Par Lui tout a été fait: Modéré, presque vif
                      • 4:19 Regard de la Croix: Bien modéré
                      • 2:51 Regard des hauteurs: Vif
                      • 2:44 Regard du temps: Modéré
                      • 9:39 Regard de l’Esprit de joie: Presque vif
                      • 8:29 Première communion de la Vierge: Très lent
                    • CD 2

                      Olivier Messiaen (1908–92)
                      Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus (1944)

                      • 3:14 La parole toute puissante: Un peu vif
                      • 4:09 Noël: Très vif, joyeux
                      • 5:34 Regard des Anges: Très vif
                      • 13:25 Le baiser de l’Enfant-Jésus: Très lent, calme
                      • 3:36 Regard des prophètes, des bergers et des Mages: Modéré
                      • 5:29 Regard du silence: Très modéré
                      • 6:58 Regard de l’Onction terrible: Modéré
                      • 10:09 Je dors, mais mon cœur veille: Lent
                      • 14:14 Regard de l’Eglise d’amour: Presque vif
                  • ARCD 014Trio MontserratGerman Counterpoint - Trio Montserrat-70:152021

                    In close collaboration with Christoph Schlüren, Catalan Trio Montserrat (Joel Bardolet, violin; Miquel Córdoba, viola, Bruno Hurtado, cello) ascends the Mount Everest of string trio literature: Heinz Schubert’s extremely demanding, highly dramatic, symphonically built Chamber Sonata, flanked by the multifaceted, elegantly elaborated, late-romantic Trio Sonata in seven movements by Paul Büttner and Reinhard Schwarz-Schiling’s translucent late string trio. The program opens with three fugues from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, arranged for string trio and with slow introductions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Paul Büttner (1870-1943) and Heinz Schubert (1908-45) are world première recordings.

                    Number: ARCD 014
                    Artist(s): Trio Montserrat
                    Album Name: German Counterpoint - Trio Montserrat
                    Composer(s): -
                    Total Time: 70:15
                    Release Year: 2021

                    Studio Live Recording
                    Neutraubling, Cap à pie Studio, 12 August 2020
                    Artistic vision & structural preparation: Christoph Schlüren
                    Recording Engineer & Mastering: Andreas Ziegler, TyxArt
                    Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                    Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Oliver Schwamkrug, Stella Klump)

                    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–91)/Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
                      3 Fugen aus Bachs Wohltemperierten Klavier, von Mozart für Streichtrio arrangiert und mit langsamen Einleitungen versehen (KV 404a, 1782)

                      • 8:32 Adagio – Fuga. Allegro moderato (BWV 853)
                      • 6:09 Adagio – Fuga. Allegro (BWV 583)
                      • 5:38 Adagio – Fuga. Vivace (BWV 882)
                    • Paul Büttner (1870–1943)
                      Triosonate für Streichtrio [Kanons mit Umkehrungen im doppelten Kontrapunkt der Duodezime (ca. 1930)]

                      • 2:05 Grave – Allegro
                      • 2:18 Andante grazioso
                      • 3:48 Adagio sostenuto
                      • 0:39 Vivace
                      • 3:13 Andante cantabile
                      • 1:30 Largo
                      • 2:43 Finale. Presto – Coda più animato
                    • Heinz Schubert (1908-45)
                      Kammersonate für Streichtrio (1934/37)

                      • 7:14 Un poco maestoso e sostenuto – Poco adagio – Tempo primo – Un poco allegro – Più sostenuto – Più largo
                      • 5:49 Chaconne [„Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein…“]. Adagio – Molto sostenuto – Allargando –
                      • 8:09 Fuga. Allegro, ma un poco tenuto – Sempre più animando e crescendo – Poco ritenuto – Sostenuto – Allegro – Sempre molto vivace e leggiero – Accelerando e crescendo molto – Largo tenuto – Allargando al fine
                    • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904–85)
                      Streichtrio (1983)

                      • 5:56 Rhapsodie
                      • 4:15 Notturno. Larghetto con intimo espressione
                  • AHCD 013Joseph Keilberth, Agnes Giebel, Anton HeillerJoseph Keilberth & Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra-138:282022

                    Joseph Keilberth (1908-68) was one of Germany’s leading conductors of the 20th century. Particularly singers considered him the finest maestro of them all. He had a great sense for counterpoint and transparent structures and a strong affinity to German music of the late Romantic and expressionist era such as Reger, Pfitzner, Berg, Hindemith, or early Schoenberg. Keilberth was a regular guest conductor of Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra (today’s WDR-SO), and this album presents a selection of Cologne radio recordings 1955-67 of contemporary masters. Heinrich Kaminski’s Concerto grosso (1921-23) was considered as the most complex and difficult multi-polyphonic composition of its time, which is followed by the filigree textures of the 1935 Partita by his pupil Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling. Karl Höller’s Fugue for strings (1948) and his Passacaglia and Fugue after Frescobaldi (1939) are masterworks of post-Regerian opulence between impressionism and neo-classicism. Hindemith was Keilberth’s favorite among his contemporaries and is represented here by his 6 orchestrated Songs from Rilke’s ’Das Marienleben’ with magnificent soprano Agnes Giebel and his late Organ Concerto with its dedicatee Anton Heiller as soloist.

                      Number: AHCD 013
                      Artist(s): Joseph Keilberth, Agnes Giebel, Anton Heiller
                      Album Name: Joseph Keilberth & Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra
                      Composer(s): -
                      Total Time: 138:28
                      Release Year: 2022

                      First commercial releases; the works by Kaminski and Höller are available for the first time

                      Recording Producer: Hans-Georg Daehn
                      Executive Producer: Karl Koch
                      Licensed in 2021 from WDR Cologne

                      • CD 1

                        Heinrich Kaminski (1886-1946)
                        Concerto grosso for double orchestra with piano (1921-23)
                        (Cologne, live recording, 17 September 1956)

                        • 6:43 Broad with great expression – attacca:
                        • 12:15 Allegro – attacca:
                        • 12:46 Fuga
                      • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85)

                        Partita for Orchestra (1935)

                        (Concertino: Theo Giesen, violin; Paul Schröer, viola; Alwin Bauer, cello; Cologne, live recording, 30 October 1961)

                        • 9:23 Entrata – Allegro (non troppo mosso) – Very slowly pacing crotchets – Allegro – Allegro molto
                        • 4:04 Dance. Grazioso (calm half measures)
                        • 7:45 Canzona. Broad, solemn – Quasi andante – Broad, solemn – attacca:
                        • 9:36 Rondo. Poco largo – Allegretto giocoso – Allegro – Grave (Adagio) – Poco allegro – Allegro
                      • CD 2

                        Karl Höller (1907-87)

                        (Cologne, studio recording, 7 October 1955)

                        • 19:26 Passacaglia and Fugue after Frescobaldi Op. 25 (1938-39)
                      • Karl Höller (Cologne, live recording, 22 May 1964)

                        (Cologne, live recording, 22 May 1964)

                        • 9:28 Fugue for string orchestra (1948)
                      • Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
                        Six Songs from Rilke’s ‚Das Marienleben‘ for soprano and orchestra (1939/59)
                        (Agnes Giebel, soprano; Cologne, studio recording, 8 December 1967)

                        • 3:06 The Birth of Mary. Lightly swaying crotchets
                        • 2:00 Joseph’s Suspicion. Lively half notes
                        • 4:05 The Birth of Christ. Broad – Lightly moving – Calmly moving – Broad
                        • 3:41 Rest on the Flight to Egypt. Rather lively crotchets – Calmly moving
                        • 4:37 Before the Passion. Very slow
                        • 3:21 About Mary’s Death. Moving forward – A bit calmer – Moving forward
                      • Paul Hindemith

                        Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (1962)
                        (Anton Heiller, organ; Cologne, studio, 23 October 1964)

                        • 4:16 Crescendo. Moderato maestoso
                        • 5:54 Allegro assai
                        • 5:23 Canzonetta in triads, and two Ritornelli. Moderato
                        • 10:40 Phantasy on Veni Creator Spiritus. Allegro moderato – Allegro energico – Solo Cadenza – Arioso, moderato e dolce – Largamente (non troppo)
                    • ARCD 012 Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae, Christoph SchlürenZODIAC Martin Scherber - Third SymphonyMartin Scherber, Arvo Pärt, Alessandro Marcello / Johann Sebastian Bach154:382024

                      "Zodiac" presents both the concert recording of the world premiere performance and the subsequent studio recording of Martin Scherber's (1907-73) Third and last Symphony on 2 CDs. It is preceded by the surprisingly related 'Festina lente' by Arvo Pärt (in the sign of Leo) and the famous Adagio for oboe and strings by Alessandro Marcello with Bach's ornamentations.

                      Scherber composed his Third Symphony in 1952-55 - an absolutely tonal symphony that combines the twelve signs of the zodiac in an organically coherent movement lasting 66 minutes. The entire symphony is built on a single motivic archetype, deriving inexhaustible richness from it. Each individual part in the polyphonic fabric is treated melodically in its own right; there are no classical accompaniment parts. The large orchestra always sounds transparent, even at full power. Starting from Bruckner and Wagner as recognizable precursors, the composer found here an unmistakably independent way to a compelling large-scale form developed from a fiery love of tradition - at a time when the radical avant-garde with its prohibitions of euphony and organic shaping dominated the entire field of new music. Scherber's symphony is a grandiose statement of the supra-temporal, transcendent power of tonality; stylistically, it stands confidently outside all contemporary trends. In the 1950s, this music had no chance. Scherber himself never got to hear it. But today, when the blinders have fallen, it is all the more capable of captivating and inspiring experts as well as all friends of symphonic music. It is music that needs the listener's full attention in order to make the singular experience of its transcendental coherence. Not every modernist as well as traditionalist might agree with Scherber’s tonal language and its radical avowal, as well as with the fact that here all the so-called 'last symphonists' are joined by another one of outstanding format. By the way, the zodiacal signs of 'Capricorn' and 'Cancer' - two movements for the understanding of the work - are recommended as teasers, as a kind of preparation before we experience the symphony as a whole.

                        Number: ARCD 012
                        Artist(s): Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae, Christoph Schlüren
                        Album Name: ZODIAC Martin Scherber - Third Symphony
                        Composer(s): Martin Scherber, Arvo Pärt, Alessandro Marcello / Johann Sebastian Bach
                        Total Time: 154:38
                        Release Year: 2024

                        Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae
                        Christoph Schlüren

                        Auditori, Barcelona, Sala Oriol Martorell, 1 December 2019

                        This album is dedicated to the memory of Fred Thürmer, the great Scherber pioneer conductor.

                        My warmest thanks go to:

                        Friedemann Grau, who initiated and enabled the whole project with utmost generosity and patience

                        Jordi Mora, former student of Sergiu Celibidache, old friend, Catalan conductor legend and conducting professor in Barcelona, who recommended the orchestra

                        Tomàs Grau, former student of Jordi Mora, founder and director of the orchestra and the most hospitable host imaginable
                        Daniel Gazon & Gerd Michael Herbig, who co-evaluated the recording master
                        Christina Neu, who is always there

                        Christoph Schlüren, 2023

                        Aldilà Records
                        ARCD 012
                        ©2023 Aldilà Rec.
                        (Gramola CD 98012)

                        Christoph Schlüren
                        Sound Engineer:
                        Gerard Font Espí (
                        Post Production:
                        Gerard Font Espí / Andreas Ziegler (
                        Maximilian Rossner (
                        Cover Painting:
                        Wolfram Erber

                        Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae

                        Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae


                        Aleix Vaqué Mur

                        Pol Abellan Martínez

                        Anna Pujol Contreras


                        Pau Roca Carreras

                        Roberto Ordax Aguado

                        Marta Fernández Callís


                        Lluís Casanova Martínez

                        Joan Roca Carreras

                        Sara Hernández Pons


                        Dan-Andrei Bosinceanu

                        Pepa Fusté Pujadó

                        Pablo Villa Bulnes


                        Pablo Hernández Carrasco

                        Jordi Guasp Boada

                        Raül Garrido Ciscar

                        Juan Miguel Marzá de la Salud


                        Carlos Martín Frasquier

                        Josep Lluís López Navvaro

                        Guillem Rodríguez Calatayud


                        Jordi Masip Masip

                        Pol Vilar Serra

                        Joan Palacio Serra

                        Bass Tuba:

                        David Llopart Martínez


                        Pau Montané Pascual

                        Ferran Carceller Amorós

                        First Violins:

                        Joal Bardolet Vilaró

                        Christian Torres González

                        Bernat Piqué Marré

                        Ariadna Gabarell Gratal

                        Paula Aguiló Sagristá

                        Anna Roca Codinachs

                        Eduardo Garcia Salas

                        Miguel Angel Castillo Ortiz

                        Maria Eugenia Paniza Andino

                        Natalia Brzewska

                        Sara Balasch Lozano

                        Second Violins:

                        Cati Reus Gelabert

                        Bernat Bofarull Olivés

                        Joan Marsol Puig

                        Albert Barbeta Martí

                        Eduard Sobrado Vaos

                        Laura Gené Hijos

                        Eduard Marcet Capellà

                        Neus Navarrete González

                        Maria Pilar Serrano Rivas


                        Mariona Oliu Nieto

                        Félix Gallego Blasco

                        Núria Garcia Pastor

                        Cristina Izcue Castellví

                        Elena Martínez Paz

                        Laura Bosch Borràs

                        Irene Argüello Rodríguez


                        Laia Puig Torné

                        Ferran Bardolet i Rifà

                        Nicolás Jesús Cobo Ramon

                        Eduard Raventós Roca

                        Elisa González-Pola Lucio

                        Daniel Oliu Nieto

                        Double Basses:

                        Eduard Arribas Montagut

                        Enric Boixadós Gómez

                        Iu Boixader Castelar

                        Oscar Laso Valhondo


                        Christoph Schlüren

                        • CD 1

                          Studio Recording, December 2, 2019

                          Arvo Pärt (b. 1935)

                          • 840 Festina lente (1988), In einem ruhigen Zeitmaß (In a calm tempo). Molto legato - Più lento
                        • Martin Scherber (1907-73)

                          III. Symphonie h-moll (1952-55)

                          • 345 I Aries
                          • 612 II Taurus
                          • 306 III Gemini
                          • 734 IV Cancer
                          • 739 V Leo
                          • 221 VI Virgo
                          • 502 VII Libra
                          • 713 VIII Scorpio
                          • 523 IX Sagittarius
                          • 540 X Capricorn
                          • 554 XI Aquarius
                          • 646 XII Pisces
                        • CD 2

                          Live in Concert, December 1, 2019

                          Arvo Pärt (b. 1935)

                          • 822 Festina lente (1988) In einem ruhigen Zeitmaß (In a calm tempo). Molto legato - Più lento 1
                        • Martin Scherber (1907-73)

                          III. Symphonie h-moll (1952-55)

                          • 340 I Aries
                          • 619 II Taurus
                          • 300 III Gemini
                          • 757 IV Cancer
                          • 706 V Leo
                          • 227 VI Virgo
                          • 501 VII Libra
                          • 651 VIII Scorpio
                          • 521 IX Sagittarius
                          • 549 X Capricorn
                          • 555 XI Aquarius
                          • 639 XII Pisces
                      • ARCD 011Beth LevinHammerklavier Live - Beth Levin-72:212020

                        Beth Levin counts among the world’s most monumental pianists of our time. Her live in concert recordings of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations and last three sonatas are legendary. Her second album for Aldilà Records presents a live concert from Festival Baltimore 2019, comprising Handel’s Suite in D minor, Anders Eliasson’s Carosello, and – in an unsurmounted performance – Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata. "You may agree with it or not. No one plays Beethoven like Beth Levin." (Christoph Schlüren, 2013)

                        Number: ARCD 011
                        Artist(s): Beth Levin
                        Album Name: Hammerklavier Live - Beth Levin
                        Composer(s): -
                        Total Time: 72:21
                        Release Year: 2020

                        Recorded at Festival Baltimore, Linehan Concert Hall, University of Maryland, 29 June 2019
                        Recording Engineer: Alan Wonneberger
                        Recording Producer: Peter Karl
                        Executive Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                        Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Raphael Wicki)

                        • Recorded Live in Concert 2019
                          Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1750)

                          Third Suite for Piano in D minor (from ’8 Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin’, HWV 428, first collection, 1720)

                          • 01:09 Präludium. Presto
                          • 03:05 Allegro
                          • 01:59 Allemande
                          • 01:47 Courante
                          • 05:16 Air with 5 Variations
                          • 02:44 Presto
                        • Anders Eliasson (1947–2013)
                          Carosello (Disegno No. 3 for Piano) (2005)

                          • 09:44 Carosello (Disegno No. 3 for Piano) (2005)
                        • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
                          Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat major, Op. 106 ’Hammerklavier’ (1817–18)

                          • 12:04 Allegro
                          • 03:11 Scherzo. Assai vivace
                          • 17:10 Adagio sostenuto. Appassionato e con molto sentimento
                          • 14:11 Largo – Allegro risoluto
                      • ARCD 010Violeta VicciMirror Images - Violeta Vicci-60:522021

                        The young London-based, Catalan-Swiss violinist and multi-instrumentalist Violeta Vicci performs a uniquely versatile recital of solo works for violin, viola, and soprano. The program’s backbone are Bach’s Partita in E and Ysaÿe’s 2nd Sonata for solo violin. Ragnar Söderlind’s early, magically melancholic Elegy for violin solo, Jean-Louis Florentz’s orientally melismatic Vocalise, and Imogen Holst’s folkloristic Suite for viola solo are world première recordings. Violeta Vicci links these compositions with improvised transitions, combining voice and string artistry, partly in overdub technique, embracing a large scale of stylistic devices.

                        Number: ARCD 010
                        Artist(s): Violeta Vicci
                        Album Name: Mirror Images - Violeta Vicci
                        Composer(s): -
                        Total Time: 60:52
                        Release Year: 2021

                        Recorded at Space Mountain Studios, Spain, 7-12th November 2018
                        Recording engineer, editing, mixing, mastering: Jon Alexander
                        Aldilà Executive Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                        Artwork cover image: Alexandra Barreña
                        Photography: Sandra Crilo
                        Booklet Text: Violeta Vicci
                        Corrections: Helen Glaisher-Hernández
                        German and Spanish translations: Christoph Schlüren, Javier Barreña
                        Design: Daily Dialogue ( Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schönberg, Raphael Wicki, Oliver Schwamkrug)

                        • Ragnar Söderlind (b. 1945)
                          *World premiere recording

                          • 03:50 Elegia II Op. 6B for Solo Violin “Adagio e rubato” (1966) *
                        • Violeta Vicci (b.1986)

                          • 00:49 Improvisation I
                        • J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
                          Partita III in E Major for Solo Violin, BWV 1006 (ca. 1720)

                          • 03.54 Prélude’
                          • 02.05 ‘Loure’
                          • 03.14 ‘Gavotte en rondeau’
                          • 01.20 ‘Menuet 1’
                          • 00.52 ‘Menuet 2’
                          • 00.50 ‘Bourrée’
                          • 00.57 ‘Gigue’
                        • Violeta Vicci

                          • 02:02 Improvisation II
                        • Imogen Holst (1907–84)
                          Suite for Solo Viola (1930) *
                          *World premiere recording

                          • 02:47 ‘Prelude “Quasi lento”’
                          • 02:19 ‘Cinquepace “Vivace – Poco meno mosso – Tempo primo”’
                          • 02:19 Sarabande “Andante, molto cantabile”’
                          • 01:52 ‘Gigue “Presto”’
                        • Violeta Vicci

                          • 02:00 Improvisation III
                        • Jean-Louis Florentz (1947-2004)
                          *World premiere recording

                          • 04:33 Vocalise “Ad libitum, lointain, mystérieux” (1985) *
                        • Violeta Vicci

                          • 03:26 Improvisation IV
                          • 01:36 Improvisation V
                        • Eugène Ysaÿe (1858-1931)
                          Sonata in A Minor Op. 27, No. 2 “A Jacques Thibaud” (1923)

                          • 02:40 ‘Obsession – Prelude “Poco vivace”’
                          • 03:01 ‘Malinconia “Poco lento, con sordino”’
                          • 05:01 ‘Danse des ombres “Sarabande, Lento”’
                          • 03:37 ‘Les furies “Allegro furioso”’
                        • Violeta Vicci

                          • 02:49 Improvisation VI
                        • J. S. Bach (1685-1750)
                          Suite No. 5 in C Minor for Solo Cello, BWV 1011 (1717 - 1723)

                          • 03:01 IV. ‘Sarabande’
                      • ARCD 009Salzburg Chamber Soloists, Christoph SchlürenDie Kunst der Fuge – Triple Completion-138:392020

                        A unique combination of the complete fugues from Johann Sebastian Bach’s ’Art of the Fugue’ with three completions of the unfinished final fugue by Donald Francis Tovey, Karl Hermann Pillney and Kalevi Aho and two B-A-C-H interludes by Robert Schumann and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling. Performed by the Salzburg Chamber Soloists in pure string orchestra polyphony, conducted by the leading counterpoint exegete Christoph Schlüren.

                        Number: ARCD 009
                        Artist(s): Salzburg Chamber Soloists, Christoph Schlüren
                        Album Name: Die Kunst der Fuge – Triple Completion
                        Composer(s): -
                        Total Time: 138:39
                        Release Year: 2020

                        Including 3 completions of the unfinished final fugue by Tovey, Pillney and Aho linked by 2 B-A-C-H Fugues by Robert Schumann and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling

                        Salzburg Chamber Soloists
                        Dir. Christoph Schlüren

                        Cover Sculpture: Fritz Klein (civil name: Gottfried Klein, 1924-83): ’Der Horchende’ (’The Listener’, mid-1950s; fruitwood around lead sheet, eyes carved and framed with lead)

                        Live Recording: Odeïon, Waldorf Campus, Salzburg, 25 October 2019 (Original Sound, Original Dynamics)
                        Sound Engineer (Analogue Equipment): Johannes Brüning
                        Digital Transfer: Thomas Wersche
                        Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                        Design: Daily Dialogue (Max Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg)

                        • CD 1

                          Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
                          Die Kunst der Fuge (1742/50)

                          • 3:54 Contrapunctus Ia 4 voci
                          • 4:18 Contrapunctus II a 4 voci
                          • 3:41 Contrapunctus IIIa 4 voci
                          • 4:18 Contrapunctus Va 4 voci
                          • 5:38 Contrapunctus VI a 4 voci in Stylo Francese
                          • 4:25 Contrapunctus VII a 4 voci per Augment e Diminut
                          • 5:57 Contrapunctus VIII a 3voci
                          • 2:37 Contrapunctus IXa 4 voci alla Duodecima
                          • 4:25 Contrapunctus Xa 4 voci alla Decima
                          • 6:48 Contrapunctus XIa 4 voci
                          • 12:58 Contrapunctus XIVa 4 voci, Fuga a 3 soggetti, unfinished
                          • 3:42 Choral ‚Vor deinen Thron tret‘ ich hiermit‘
                        • CD 2

                          Die Kunst der Fuge(1742/50) with completions of the final fugue

                          • 02:39 Contrapunctus XIIa 4 voci (Mirror Fugue)–Rectus
                          • 02:31 Contrapunctus XIIa 4 voci (Mirror Fugue)–Inversus
                          • 19:41 Contrapunctus XIVa 4 voci, Fuga a 4 soggetti, completed by Karl Hermann Pillney (1937/74)
                          • 04:56 Robert Schumann (1810-56) Orgelfuge über den Namen Bach in g-moll op. 60/3a 4 voci, transcr. by Dan Turcanu (1845/2019)
                          • 17:52 J.S. Bach, Kunst der Fuge Contrapunctus XIVa 4 voci, Fuga a 4 soggetti, completed by Donald Francis Tovey (1931)
                          • 3:55 Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85) Studie über B-A-C-H a 3 voci (1985)
                          • 18:08 J.S. Bach, Kunst der Fuge Contrapunctus XIVa 4 voci, Fuga a 4 soggetti, completed by Kalevi Aho (2012)
                      • ARCD 008Pi-hsien ChenSchubert Grandes Sonates - Pi-hsien Chen-221:222018

                        Taiwanese master pianist Pi-hsien Chen is a household name in the circles of Avantgarde music. Her recordings of the 3 Sonatas by Pierre Boulez, of Stockhausen’s and Cage’s piano music are considered as peak performances by most commentators. She is also a very renowned performer of Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart and Beethoven. Here she presents four of the last five sonatas by Franz Schubert that are described by Georg Albrecht Eckle as ”grandes sonates” in the highly sophisticated liner notes where he also explains why the final sonata in B-flat is not counted as a ”grande sonate”. Pi-hsien Chen’s fundamentally unsentimental but deeply lyrical Schubert style is unique in its own right.

                          Number: ARCD 008
                          Artist(s): Pi-hsien Chen
                          Album Name: Schubert Grandes Sonates - Pi-hsien Chen
                          Composer(s): -
                          Total Time: 221:22
                          Release Year: 2018

                          Pi-hsien Chen, Piano
                          Recorded in Altenbach, June 2016 & October 2017
                          Sound Engineer: Jakob Haendel
                          Piano Technician: Hans Giese (Steinway D 1984)
                          Liner Notes: Georg Albrecht Eckle
                          Cover Painting: Christoph Gesing
                          Artwork: Daily Dialogue (Malin Schoenberg)

                          Aldilà Records ARCD 008, 2018 (Gramola 98008)

                          • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

                            CD 1

                            Sonata in E-flat D 568 (1817)

                            • 9:44 Allegro moderato
                            • 6:14 Andante molto
                            • 4:36 Menuett. Allegretto
                            • 10:31 Allegro moderato
                          • Sonata in A minor D 845 (1825)

                            • 12:35 Moderato
                            • 12:11 Andante poco mosso
                            • 8:32 Scherzo. Allegro vivace – Trio. Un poco più lento – Scherzo da capo
                            • 6:05 Rondo. Allegro vivace
                          • CD 2

                            Sonata in D D 850 (1825)

                            • 8:57 Allegro vivace
                            • 11:27 Con moto
                            • 10:18 Scherzo. Allegro vivace
                            • 8:43 Rondo. Allegro moderato
                          • Sonata in G D 894 (1826)

                            • 17:50 Molto moderato e cantabile
                            • 7:40 Andante
                            • 4:50 Menuett. Allegro moderato
                            • 8:30 Allegretto
                          • CD 3

                            Sonata in C minor D 958 (1828)

                            • 10:55 Allegro
                            • 6:59 Adagio
                            • 3:25 Menuett. Allegro
                            • 10:12 Allegro
                          • Sonata in A D 959 (1828)

                            • 16:24 I Allegro
                            • 7:35 II Andantino
                            • 5:02 III Scherzo. Allegro vivace – Trio. Un poco più lento – Scherzo da capo
                            • 12:09 Rondo. Allegretto
                        • ARCD 007Hugo SchulerGoldberg+ - Hugo Schuler-156:092015

                          Argentinian pianist Hugo Schuler, a renowned expert in the polyphonic art of Johann Sebastian Bach, presents on his debut double album a two-part project: First, he combines some preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier with 20th century masterworks by the great South German renewer of counterpoint Heinrich Kaminski and his late pupil Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling in world première recordings. The album concludes with a towering performance of the Goldberg Variations.

                          Number: ARCD 007
                          Artist(s): Hugo Schuler
                          Album Name: Goldberg+ - Hugo Schuler
                          Composer(s): -
                          Total Time: 156:09
                          Release Year: 2015

                          Recorded in March 2013 in Vicenza, Centro Studi Ludwig Stein
                          Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                          Engineers: Ladislav Krajcovic & Jan Machut
                          Piano Tuner: Tiziano Ferrari (Fazioli)
                          Liner Notes: Hugo Schuler & Christoph Schlüren
                          Photo: Maximilian Rossner
                          Artwork: Daily Dialogue (Malin Schoenberg)

                          Aldilà Records ARCD 007, 2017 (Gramola 98007)

                          • CD 1

                            Johann Jacob Froberger (1616-67)

                            • 3:16 Toccata in G FbWV 103
                          • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

                            • 11:54 Prelude & Fugue in B-flat minor from ’Wohltemperiertes Klavier, Buch I‘
                          • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85)

                            • 05:25 Preludio cantando e Fuga (1985) (world première recording)
                          • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling

                            • 3:41 Studie über B-A-C-H (world première recording)
                          • Johann Sebastian Bach

                            • 11:18 Prelude & Fugue in E-flat minor from ’Wohltemperiertes Klavier, Buch I’
                          • Heinrich Kaminski (1886-1946)

                            • 10:20 Prelude & Fugue in F minor from ‚Klavierbuch III‘ (1935) (world première recording)
                          • Heinrich Kaminski

                            • 09:30 Prelude & Sarabande in D minor from ‚Klavierbuch III‘ (1935) (world première recording)
                          • Johann Sebastian Bach

                            • 08:00 Prelude & Fugue in G-sharp minor from ’Wohltemperiertes Klavier, Buch II’
                          • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling
                            Piano Sonata (1968)

                            • 05:36 Vivace – Allegro molto vivace – Presto
                            • 04:26 Larghetto cantabile – [attacca]
                            • 3:49 Vivace – Allegro molto – Calmo – Presto – Vivace (world première recording)
                          • CD 2

                            Johann Sebastian Bach

                            • 78:32 Aria with Variations BWV 988 (Goldberg Variations, 1741)
                        • ARCD 006Lucas BrunnertGateway into the Beyond - Lucas Brunnert-79:472020

                          Born in Beethoven’s home town Bonn, Lucas Brunnert presents a through-composed violin solo recital centered around two well-known sonatas by Bach and Hindemith. Includes world première recordings of: the large, highly elaborate, free-tonal sonata by Eduard Erdmann, the famous Baltic-German pianist and symphonist; the tragically melancholic war-fantasia by Heinz Schubert; and the densely built, sonorous prelude by Edmund von Borck (Schubert and Borck fell in Second World War). Lucas Brunnert plays with total structural understanding and absolute command of his instrument.

                          Number: ARCD 006
                          Artist(s): Lucas Brunnert
                          Album Name: Gateway into the Beyond - Lucas Brunnert
                          Composer(s): -
                          Total Time: 79:47
                          Release Year: 2020

                          A German Album for Violin Solo
                          Recorded in Schloss Laudon, Hadersdorf, Wien-Penzing, 17 & 18 December 2014
                          Engineers: Ladislav Krajcovic, Jan Matus
                          Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                          Photography: Maximilian Rossner
                          Design: Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Raphael Wicki)

                          • Eduard Erdmann (1896-1958)
                            Sonate für Violine allein op. 12 (1920-21)

                            • 10:45 Ruhig –Tempo rubato
                            • 05:27 Scherzo – Trio. Einfach wie eine Volksweise – Scherzo da capo
                            • 03:11 Langsam
                            • 04:06 Lebendig
                          • Edmund von Borck (1906–44)
                            Präludium für Violine solo op. 11 Nr. 2 (1935)

                            • 03:24 Andante sostenuto
                          • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
                            2. Sonate für Violine solo a-moll BWV 1003 (1720)

                            • 04:00 Grave
                            • 09:16 Fuga
                            • 05:14 Andante
                            • 06:26 Allegro
                          • Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
                            Sonate für Violine solo op. 31 Nr. 2 (1924)

                            • 2'40 Leicht bewegte Viertel
                            • 3'55 Ruhig bewegte Achtel
                            • 1'55 Gemächliche Viertel (pizzicato)
                            • 545 Fünf Variationen über das Lied ‚Komm, lieber Mai‘ von Mozart
                          • Heinz Schubert (1908–45)
                            Phantasie für Geige allein (1943)

                            • 06:25 Præludium. Appassionato
                            • 06:25 Toccata. Allegro giusto e tenuto, rubato – Vivace assai – Tempo di preludio – Allargando al largo
                        • ARCD 005Beth LevinInward Voice - Beth Levin-73:302015

                          1838 – 1973 - 1828

                          Studio Live Recording

                          Having listened to her phenomenal live recording of Beethoven’s last three piano sonatas, Christoph Schlüren asked legendary Brooklyn-based pianist Beth Levin to record a first album for Aldilà Records in Vienna. Levin, who was taught by masters such as Marian Filar, Rudolf Serkin, and Leonard Shure, responded with a riveting program confronting Schumann’s ’Kreisleriana’ and Schubert’s late Sonata in C minor D 958. Between these towering architectures she inserted Anders Eliasson’s ’Versione’, a dramatic little piece of improvisatory attitude and inscrutably organic coherence, and herewith started her series of Eliasson recordings.

                            Number: ARCD 005
                            Artist(s): Beth Levin
                            Album Name: Inward Voice - Beth Levin
                            Composer(s): -
                            Total Time: 73:30
                            Release Year: 2015

                            rec. Wien-Hietzing (Vienna), Wiener Militärpfarre/Ehrensaal der Österreichischen Streitkräfte (Hall of Honours of the Austrian Armed Forces), Bösendorfer Grand Piano 225 (1984), 7 October 2014

                            Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                            Engineers: Ladislav Krajcovic, Jan Machut
                            Piano Tuner: Christoph Bartl
                            Photography: Maximilian Rossner
                            Artwork: Paul Ole Ballhaus

                            • Robert Schumann (1810-56)

                              • 32:38 Kreisleriana. Fantasien op. 16
                            • Anders Eliasson (1947-2013)

                              • 06:54 Versione per pianoforte (1973) (world première recording)
                            • Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828)
                              Sonate c-moll D 958 (1828)

                              • 08:52 Allegro
                              • 12:37 Adagio
                              • 03:10 Menuett. Allegro
                              • 10:17 Allegro
                          • ARCD 004Symphonia Momentum, Rebekka Hartmann, Christoph SchlürenSymphonia Momentum - Declamatory Counterpoint -78:552014

                            In memoriam Anders Eliasson

                            Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling’s String Symphony after his only string quartet in F minor from 1932 is the main work in this versatile string orchestra program. The 40-minute work in three movements is a timeless continuation of the advanced counterpoint from Bach via late Beethoven and Bruckner to his teacher Heinrich Kaminski. Conducted by Christoph Schlüren, other highlights include (in live recordings) Arvo Pärt’s visionary ’Orient & Occident’, the world première performance of Peter Michael Hamel’s memorial piece ’Ulisono’, and Rebekka Hartmann’s phenomenal performance of Anders Eliasson’s ’In medias’ for violin solo.

                            Number: ARCD 004
                            Artist(s): Symphonia Momentum, Rebekka Hartmann, Christoph Schlüren
                            Album Name: Symphonia Momentum - Declamatory Counterpoint
                            Composer(s): -
                            Total Time: 78:55
                            Release Year: 2014

                            rec. Berlin, Großer Sendesaal Rundfunkhaus Nalepastraße, 21-22 November 2010 (Live in Concert: 20 November)

                            Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                            Sound Engineer: Jindrich Maßner
                            Photography: Maximilian Rossner
                            Artwork: Paul Ole Ballhaus

                            • Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling (1904-85)
                              Symphony for Strings (String Quartet) in F minor (1932)

                              • 13:09 Introduktion & Fuge
                              • 14:34 Adagio
                              • 12:56 Finale
                            • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)
                              1st movement from String Quartet in C K 465 ‚Dissonance’ (1785)

                              • 9:00 Adagio - Allegro (live recording)
                            • Peter Michael Hamel (b. 1947)

                              • 7:24 ‚Ulisono’ for 14 solo strings in memoriam Ulrich Stranz (2010) (Helmut Nicolai, viola solo) (world première recording) (live recording)
                            • Anders Eliasson (1947-2013)

                              • 6:54 ‚In medias’ for violin solo (1971) (Rebekka Hartmann, violin) (world première recording
                            • Arvo Pärt (b. 1935)

                              • 8:13 Orient & Occident (2000) (live recording)
                            • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

                              • 6:45 ‚Cavatina’ from String Quartet in B-flat, Op. 130 (1825) (live recording)
                          • AHCD 003Sergio FiorentinoSergio Fiorentino - Live in Concert on Érard-134:302012

                            For Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, his colleague Sergio Fiorentino (1927-98) was ”il solo altro pianista”, and Horowitz and Lonquich are among his famous admirers. Thanks to Ernst Lumpe, the great enabler of Sergio Fiorentino’s late second career, we got these tapes of a recital Fiorentino played in Münster in 1994, including Bach’s 5th French Suite, Franck’s ’Prélude, Aria et Final’ and Schubert final Sonata in B-flat, as well as encores by Chopin, Schubert, and the ’Rosenkavalierwalzer’ by Strauss/Singer. The straight-strung ’exhibition grand’ Érard from around 1880 is of particularly striking effect in Franck’s music that sounds more natural than on any later instrument. The second CD ends with a 1955 BBC studio live recording of Rachmaninoff’s 4th Piano Concerto from Edinburgh that was later erased by the BBC but was rediscovered by Ernst Lumpe who prepared this stunning document for its first release. This is the first album in the ’Aldilà Historic’ series.

                              Number: AHCD 003
                              Artist(s): Sergio Fiorentino
                              Album Name: Sergio Fiorentino - Live in Concert on Érard
                              Composer(s): -
                              Total Time: 134:30
                              Release Year: 2012

                              CD 1 + CD 2

                              Münster/Westfalen, Erbdrostenhof, 20 June 1994
                              Recording: Ernst Lumpe

                              Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)

                              Sergio Fiorentino (Pf)
                              BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra, dir. Ian Whyte
                              BBC Studio Live Performance
                              Edinburgh, BBC Hall, 22 June 1965
                              (provided by Ernst Lumpe; original tape has been erased by the BBC)
                              Digital Remastering: Jindrich Maßner

                              • CD 1

                                Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
                                Französische Suite Nr. 5 G-Dur BWV 815

                                • 3:08 Allemande
                                • 1:36 Courante
                                • 6:02 Sarabande
                                • 1:11 Gavotte
                                • 1:23 Bourrée
                                • 3:50 Loure
                                • 3:44 Gigue
                              • César Franck (1822-90)
                                Prélude, Aria et Final

                                • 11:52 Prélude
                                • 8:32 Aria. Lento
                                • 8:36 Final
                              • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

                                • 4:48 Impromptu Es-Dur op. 90 Nr. 2
                              • CD 2

                                Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
                                Sonate B-Dur D 960

                                • 15:58 Molto moderato
                                • 10:16 Andante sostenuto
                                • 4:22 Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza
                                • 9:06 Allegro, ma non troppo
                              • Frédéric Chopin (1810-49)

                                • 4:50 Valse Es-Dur op. 18
                                • 3:15 Valse cis-moll op. 64 Nr. 2
                              • Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

                                • 6:14 Rosenkavalierswalzer (arr. Otto Singer / S. Fiorentino)
                              • Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)
                                Piano Concerto No. 4, Op. 40

                                • 9:48 Allegro vivace – Moderato – Tempo primo
                                • 9:26 Largo
                                • 09:02 Allegro vivace – A tempo meno mosso – Tempo primo
                            • ARCD 002Ottavia Maria MaceratiniUntitled - Ottavia Maria Maceratini-66:222012

                              Ottavia Maria Maceratini’s second album ’Untitled’ combines three main works by Robert Schumann with two French bird-interludes: Rameau’s timeless ’Rappel des oiseaux’ and Ravel’s mysterious ’Oiseaux tristes’ with its underlying valse-metre. In Schumann’s G-minor Sonata Ottavia Maria Maceratini offers a ride on knife’s edge without losing the clear structure and form. The Symphonic Etudes with their highly contrasting variations are tied together in a truely symphonic development, and the final ’Faschingsschwank in Wien’ takes no prisoners. Legendary Munich critic Beate Kayer compared these performances with Clara Haskil, and the unorthodox album was nominated for the ICMA awards.

                                Number: ARCD 002
                                Artist(s): Ottavia Maria Maceratini
                                Album Name: Untitled - Ottavia Maria Maceratini
                                Composer(s): -
                                Total Time: 66:22
                                Release Year: 2012

                                Recorded München, Musikhochschule, Großer Saal, 20 May 2012
                                Sound engineer: Jindrich Maßner / Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                                Photos: Maximilian Rossner / Artwork: Alexis Zurflüh

                                • Robert Schumann (1810-56)
                                  Klaviersonate g-moll op. 22 (1830-37)

                                  • 4:36 So rasch wie möglich – Schneller – Noch schneller
                                  • 5:12 Andantino. Getragen
                                  • 1:27 Scherzo. Sehr rasch und markiert
                                  • 5:03 Rondo. Presto – Prestissimo – Immer schneller und schneller
                                • Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)

                                  • 3:31 Le rappel des oiseaux (from ‚Pièces de clavecin’, 2ème livre, 1724)
                                • Robert Schumann
                                  Études Symphoniques op. 13 (1833/52)

                                  • 1:28 Thema. Andante
                                  • 1:15 Var. I Un poco più vivo
                                  • 2:31 Var. II Marcato il canto
                                  • 1:14 Var. III Vivace
                                  • 1:00 Var. IV
                                  • 1:28 Var. V
                                  • 0:53 Var. VI Agitato
                                  • 1:10 Var. VII Allegro molto
                                  • 2:20 Var. VIII Sempre marcatissimo
                                  • 0:38 Var. IX Presto possibile
                                  • 1:19 Var. X Con energia sempre
                                  • 2:12 Var. XI Con espressione
                                  • 6:09 Finale. Allegro brillante
                                • Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)

                                  • 4:32 Oiseaux tristes (from ‚Miroirs’, 1904-05)
                                • Robert Schumann
                                  Faschingsschwank aus Wien. Fantasiebilder op. 26 (1839)

                                  • 8:02 Allegro. Sehr lebhaft
                                  • 2:27 Romanze. Ziemlich langsam
                                  • 2:07 Scherzino
                                  • 1:53 Intermezzo. Mit größter Energie
                                  • 3:51 Finale. Höchst lebhaft
                              • ARCD 001Ottavia Maria MaceratiniOne Cut - Ottavia Maria Maceratini-79:392012

                                Ottavia Maria Maceratini received her main pianistic impulses from Eliso Virsaladze and was sustainably supported by Gidon Kremer. With the DSO she gave the German première of John Foulds’ revolutionary piano concerto ’Dynamic Triptych’ in Berlin. Her debut album ’One Cut’, recorded with only one little edit, was the Aldilà Records debut as well. Including the première recording of the expressionist Notturno tempestoso from Heinz Tiessen’s ’Nature Trilogy’, this album is a bold journey through the history of piano music from Domenico Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and Debussy to John Foulds’ wildly ornamentic ’April-England’. This album was enthusiastically acclaimed and described as a magnificent bouquet of most beautiful surprises.

                                  Number: ARCD 001
                                  Artist(s): Ottavia Maria Maceratini
                                  Album Name: One Cut - Ottavia Maria Maceratini
                                  Composer(s): -
                                  Total Time: 79:39
                                  Release Year: 2012

                                  Recorded Live in München, Musikhochschule, Großer Saal, 29 November 2011
                                  Sound Engineer: Jindrich Maßner
                                  Producer: Christoph Schlüren
                                  Photos & Artwork: Maximilian Rossner

                                  • Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)

                                    • 5:45 Sonata in fa minore L.118/K.466/P.501
                                  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)

                                    • 15:29 Nine Variations on a Theme by N. Dezède «Lison dormait» K 264 (1778
                                  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

                                    Piano Sonata in C-sharp minor Op. 27 No. 2 ’Sonata quasi Fantasia’ (”Moonlight”, 1801)

                                    • 6:35 Adagio sostenuto
                                    • 2:05 Allegretto
                                    • 5:11 Presto agitato
                                  • Frédéric Chopin (1810-49)

                                    • 4:57 Nocturne in B-flat minor Op. 9 No. 1 (1831)
                                  • Heinz Tiessen (1887-1971)

                                    • 10:50 Notturno tempestoso (final movement from ’Eine Natur-Trilogie‘ Op. 18, 1913) (world première recording)
                                  • Robert Schumann (1810-56)

                                    • 2:51 ”Träumerei” from ’Kinderscenen’ Op. 15 (1838)
                                  • John Foulds (1880-1939)

                                    • 7:12 ”April-England” Op. 48 No. 1
                                  • Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

                                    • 5:40 «Clair de lune» from ’Suite bergamasque’ (1890/1905)
                                  • Franz Liszt (1811-86)

                                    • 8:30 Tarantella from ’Venezia e Napoli’ (Années de Pèlerinage II – Italie, 1859)
                                  • Robert Schumann / transcr. Franz Liszt

                                    • 3:35 ’Widmung’ (ed. 1849)